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... is an e-commerce project of ORZELLA Sport, a sporting goods store located in Monte Livata - Subiaco (RM) - Italy.

We are a small historical reality. Born in the first half of the sixties from the passion for skiing and the mountains. Over half a century and three generations have followed the lead of the totally family-run shop. Experience in the field, adequate commercial choices in the quality / price ratio, complete service in the ski world, availability and sincerity in consulting or in the proposal of products are our primary mission. In the shop, during the winter the sales section is flanked by rental and assistance center equipped with a ski and snowboard repair workshop. Anyone who wants to know us can contact us even for information. Try! Ski instructors for two generations we will be able to meet your needs with total passion for this and all sports in general! Everything that revolves around the world of snow, even beyond active sport is our responsibility, not disdaining fashion articles or citizens but always wanting to stand out from the crowd.

This e-shop represents a new challenge for us, focused only on a certain category, considered and appreciated, like that of hats.

We will do everything to satisfy you!


 Viale dei Boschi, 24 - 00028 Monte Livata-Subiaco (RM) Italy

 +39 0774 826055

 +39 339 5789762


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